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Welcome to Stockholm Startup Bootcamp

Would you like to experience problem solving in action?

Stockholm Startup Bootcamp is an interdisciplinary hands-on workshop on entrepreneurship, design thinking and innovation.

The Bootcamp offers a great opportunity to work together with students from all kinds of disciplines while solving real challenges and getting hands-on experience in design thinking and lean startup methods.

Each participant is given an interdisciplinary team, and each team gets introduced to a challenge. The challenge itself is not revealed until the kick-off night of the Bootcamp, but it is related to a digitalised society and presented to you by industry entities and government branches.

The team then has the chance to brainstorm around the challenge, pick it to pieces, question and criticise and put each participants field knowledge into real action. Maybe you figure out how to disrupt an industry, or how to tackle environmental issues? The objective is just to run with it, to use an insane amount of post-it notes and to have fun!

The solutions will look very different from team to team, and from challenge to challenge. Lastly, prototypes, pitch-decks or movies presenting your solution will be put in the spotlight for our judges to review and present their feedback on.

You don’t have to have any prerequisites to participate. Curiosity goes a long way.

The Bootcamp offers a great opportunity for any student to expand their network and put their own field knowledge into practise, whilst being introduced to the world of startups.

For whom?

Students with focus on law, technology, software engineering or business at any higher education level (post high school)

Exchange/International student? You are also welcomed to apply like your Swedish fellows!

No prior knowledge is required, only a curiosity about tech and innovation. The Bootcamp is held in English, so a good understanding of, and vocabulary in, English is beneficial. Don't worry; "badenglish" works too!


We want as many students as possible to feel comfortable attending, and therefore we do not charge a fee for attending.

We do enforce a penalty fee for "noshows", i.e. the students who are accepted but do not show up at the event onsite. The penalty fee goes towards the next Bootcamp or is donated to a charitable cause.

Agenda 24th-26th of January 2020

Friday @Synch (Birger Jarls Gatan 6)

5:30 pm     Registration
6:00 pm     Welcome to the Bootcamp!
6:45 pm     Meet your Team and Challenge giver
7:00 pm     Discuss your challenge, plan your work and get to know each other.
10:00 pm   Doors close

Saturday @GoTo10 (Hammarby Kaj 10D)

8:45 am     Doors open, grab some breakfast!
9:00 am     Lean Startup Lecture by Dr Terrance Brown
9:30 am     Design Thinking with Andrea Lindblom
10:00 am   Work in teams on your solution
12:30 pm   Lunch is served, eat at your own pace!
01:30 pm   Work continues
03:30 pm   Wrap up of the day, with wraps
04:00 pm   (volunteer) continue working at a nearby location

Sunday @GoTo10 (Hammarby Kaj 10D)

8:45 am     Doors open, grab some breakfast!
9:00 am     Introduction to the day
9:30 am     Continue working
12:00 pm   Lunch is served
01:00 pm   Pitches with feedback from J12 and Wave ventures
03:00 pm   Wrap up of the weekend & Feedback session
03:30 pm   Doors close

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The Application for the January Bootcamp is closed. Feel free to check back later this year!

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We are looking for eager volunteers to help us make this event happen. If you are passionate about tech, entrepreneurship, startups and innovation, you might be the right fit for us.

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The Bootcamp operates on a nonprofit basis and enables the experience through partnerships, donations and collaboration with entities in the industry. The partnerships opportunities offer visibility for the companies, as well as an opportunity to teach the next generation of employees.

Reach out to us to hear more about how your company can get involved.

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